Santander | Tomatopay


Product Launch / Market Positioning / Brand Awareness


Brochure Design / Website Development / Video Animation


Tomatopay, a financial technology company specializing in digital payment solutions, collaborated with Santander, a global banking giant, to develop the Cashflow Manager app. The objective was to create comprehensive marketing materials including an explainer video, a branded brochure, and a website landing page to effectively promote the Cashflow Manager app to businesses. The focus was on highlighting the app's features, benefits, and ease of use while maintaining brand consistency for both Santander and tomatopay.
For the branded brochure, I incorporated Santander and tomatopay's established brand colors, typography, and imagery to create a cohesive look and feel. Product shots of the Cashflow Manager app were strategically placed throughout the brochure to visually showcase its features and functionality. Clear and concise copy highlighted the app's key benefits and how it could address the pain points of business owners.
The landing page served as the central hub for the marketing campaign, providing visitors with essential information about the Cashflow Manager app and encouraging them to take action. Leveraging HubSpot's capabilities, I designed and coded a visually appealing landing page that integrated seamlessly with Santander and tomatopay's existing websites.
The animated explainer video was a key component of the marketing campaign, aiming to capture the audience's attention and effectively communicate the app's value proposition. Working closely with the clients, I developed a storyboard that effectively narrated the app's features and benefits in a visually engaging manner. The animation style aligned with both Santander and tomatopay's brand identities, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.
The collaborative marketing campaign successfully promoted the Cashflow Manager app to businesses, generating buzz and driving user adoption. The branded brochure, animated explainer video, and website landing page effectively communicated the app's value proposition while maintaining brand consistency for both Santander and tomatopay.